Epoxy Resin 24kg Kit

Epoxy Resin 24kg Kit

  • $550.00

Standard details

H180 Standard Epoxy Hardener KIT works best for purposes such as General bonding, fabric application and barrier coating, and takes around 10-15 hours for solidification to ensue. Allowable working time ranges from 90-110 mins, so if you are alone, or lacking manpower, or simply not in a hurry at all, then our H180 Slow Epoxy Hardener is best for you.

Slow Details

There are several types of Resins which can be used in the fibreglassing process, and Epoxy is just one of these. The H180 Slow Epoxy KIT with a slow hardener is usually a popular choice for those who decide to take things slow. The slow epoxy hardener works best if you want the clearest, most pristine, shiny surface for your fibreglassed surface, for it does not rush the curing process of the resin at all.

Fast Details

Our H180 Fast Epoxy Hardener KIT is the best kind of resin if you wish to rush into the curing process of your fibreglassed surface. This is used in a lot of situations, as many fibreglassing processes would require you to work things faster. It’s important to mix the resin to the hardener in a ratio of 5:1, as the proper mixing procedure will enable the cured mixture of resin and hardener to have a strong, rigid surface which is also resistant to moisture, and also helps to provide all of that in just a short span of time. However, it is not for use should you want clear coating, as fast-curing coats tend to appear rather frosty.